Sunday, October 13, 2013

Brazilian Clay Facial Cleansing Bars

Today I'm going to make some sweet flower shaped Brazilian clay facial cleansing bars.   These bars will also be available on my etsy store-the link is at the bottom of the page.

Clays have numerous benefits for the skin-they help remove toxins, control oils, smooth the skin, and reduce acne.  I've gathered my materials: one silicon mold (from Michaels), 12 oz. goats milk glycerin soap base (from Michaels), red, purple and yellow Brazilian clays ( and a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol . I was going to add some fragrance, but decided a against it.  I wanted to keep these bars as gentle as possible. 

Also, just a note about purchasing ingredients-I only shopped at Michaels for a few things because I'm super impatient.  The molds and soap bases are much cheaper if you order online.

So let's get started. 
First I sprayed my mold with alcohol to aid in release. Then I divided my soap into into three bowls. I heated the first bowl of soap in the microwave ten seconds at a time until it was completely melted. I mixed in my red clay, being careful to crush out clumps. I propped my mold up and poured the soap on the lower side
I repeated those steps, heating the next bowl of soap, adding the purple clay and pouring (but this time prop up the opposite side of the mold and pour on that side) In between layers I spray alcohol to get rid of bubbles and aid in adhesion. Make sure not to let the soap dry all the way in between layers or they will separate when unmolded.
Repeat again with the yellow clay , but this time lay the mold flat. After pouring , spray with alcohol to  smooth the soap. You can also use a heat gun to fix any imperfections. Be careful use it on low and not to focus it too long on any one spot-it is very hot and could potentially melt your mold.
Let the soap set for at least several hours before unmolding. Really, it's much better to leave it until the next day, but I can never wait. Let your soap sit flat and covered for a few days before use. I've used it the next day and had it be fine , but if it's not all the way ready, you risk it getting a weird gummy texture. 
And here they are all ready to go. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you will have fun making your own soaps. If it just seems like too much work, these soaps (along with many other great products) are available in my etsy shop at MY ETSY SHOP

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  1. Amanda, i love your photos and your writing skills. you make it all very clear and eazy. Thanks for sharing your new passion with us via this lovely blog. I am very exited and looking forward to your next post!