Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

My family and I had a wonderful relaxing thanksgiving gathering. We made an awesome turkey and stuffed ourselves silly.  I'm still to full to really think much or eat at all. 
In addition to making and devouring this gorgeous turkey, I managed to make a few soaps. For my own bathroom, I made these great single use soaps from Brambleberry.  They work great to get kids to wash their hands...over and over and over again.  Each soap is just enough for one thorough washing.  
I also made this amazing cool water smelling mens soap for a Black Friday deal in my etsy store. You can purchase through my etsy mini to the right. Made with Shea butter and aloe, this soap is gentle and nourishing for the skin. 
Lastly, I  offering 20% off all custom gift baskets, when the deposit is purchased today. The basket prices are the sum of all the items inside. The basket and wrapping is on me. I also offer some specialty items for only a few dollars more that only come in baskets, such as clay face masks, bath teas, loofa, gel eye masks and more. All scents are also customizable. Please visit my etsy store for more details. Happy shopping!

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